July 9 to 23, 2010
Helsinki to Helsinki

50 Years of Victory

You'll board the nuclear-powered icebreaker in Murmansk, Russia. You'll join and leave the expedition in Helsinki, Finland. The return flight from Helsinki to Murmansk is a charter flight that we arrange. Landings are planned in Franz Josef Land and at 90°N, the top of the world. Sightseeing by helicopter provides an aerial view of the icebreaker crushing through the Arctic Ocean pack ice.


The ultimate goal for the most ambitious explorer.
The top of the world. For centuries, adventurers and explorers tried to get here by sled, ship, aircraft, dogs and balloons. The harsh realities of the Arctic climate defeated every single one of them until as recently as 1948. Even today, reaching the North Pole is a difficult and challenging journey. Only a select few make it each year. Here is a chance to add your name to the short list of adventurers who have made the ultimate journey to the top of the world.

Expedition Summary

Day 1 Helsinki, Finland
Day 2 Embarkation Day
Day 3-7 The Arctic Ocean
Day 8 90 deg. North
Day 9-10 Southbound
Day 11-13 Franz Josef Land
Day 14-15 Murmansk to Helsinki


Day 1 & 2: Travel over 400 years in one day.
Your voyage starts with an overnight stay in the historic city of Helsinki, Finland founded in 1550. We've included a charter flight from Helsinki to Murmansk, Russia, where you board the ship on Day 2.

Day 3: Magnificent and awe-inspiring. And that's just the ship.
The world’s largest icebreaker.                                                                                                             Sailing north on the world’s largest icebreaker, 50 Years of Victory, relax and explore this icebreaker that took 20 years to build. As you cross the Barents Sea, you’ll be engaged by presentations on everything Arctic, from wildlife to history to geology. And of course, you’ll have opportunities to view the native seabirds and whales as we sail northward.

Day 4-7: Crossing the Great White Expanse on top of the world.                                                                        Watching Victory break through the formidable pack ice is a sight you’ll never forget. Crashing through ice meters thick with a force reminiscent of a 9.0 earthquake, Victory can sail in conditions that would defeat most other ships. It’s awe-inspiring. As you travel, take one of the included flights on our helicopters for a fascinating aerial view of the icebreaker’s progress

Day 8: The North Pole. Congratulations. You have arrived.
This is it. For the rest of your life, you'll remember this moment as clearly as you're standing here today. You've joined a rare and select group; those that can truly say they've stood at the top of the world. Reflect on the many adventurers that came before you, giving their lives for the moment you are now experiencing. You'll have time for a hike around the expansive ice; you can literally walk around the world in under a minute.

Day 9 & 10: Now it's just you and the polar bears.
Now it’s just you and the polar bears. As Victory sails southward, stand on the deck and survey the expanse of brilliant blue and white ice that stretches hundreds of kilometers in all directions. Keep an eye out for rare Arctic wildlife, particularly near Franz Josef Land, where polar bear sightings are possible.

Day 11 & 12: A virtually unexplored archipelago.
Franz Josef Land is one of the most recently discovered archipelagos in the world. It was only in the late 1800s that this remote and stunning world of flat-topped islands and ice was found, and even today it remains mostly unexplored. There are 191 islands in this naturalist’s paradise. Polar bears, walrus, arctic fox, seals and belugas inhabit the region. Vast colonies of seabirds abound in the surrounding waters.

Day 13-16: The journey ends. But the stories have just begun.
You’ll cross the Barents Sea to Murmansk, where you’ll board the included charter flight to Helsinki. At last you can cross the North Pole off your “things to do in my lifetime” list. You’ll be glad you did.

Important reminder: Your voyage includes many experiences only our partner has access to. However, as on any expedition, there are no guarantees that we can achieve everything we set out to accomplish.

Expedition Rates
The North Pole

July 9 to July 23, 2009   16 days

Ship:  50 Years of Victory







Standard Twin

Mini Suite


Victory Suite

Arktika Suite


Jul 09, 10
-Jul 23, 10









For further details see the color-coded deck plans. All rates per person in US dollars based on twin occupancy. If you're traveling alone, ask us about the significant savings you can realize from our Request-Share Program, which matches other solo travelers in the same cabin.
What's Included
The voyage rate includes virtually everything you'll need along the way, plus a lot of unexpected things you are going to enjoy. 
  • Air transportation from the gateway city to the port of embarkation, as well as your return flight from the port of disembarkation, with the exception of Greenland Odyssey (only the outbound air transport is included). 
  • Group embarkation transfer from the hotel to the airport; and from the destination airport to the ship. On disembarkation from the ship to the airport; and from the destination airport to the hotel. (Excluding Reykjavik on Greenland Odyssey.)
  • Hotel accommodations: 1 night pre-expedition and 1 night post-expedition lodging with breakfast at our conveniently located hotel with the exception of the Greenland Odyssey, which includes only the pre-expedition hotel night. (The number of guests per room is the same as cabin occupancy on the ship. Travelers who reserve a suite on board are accommodated in standard rooms at the hotel.)
  • All breakfasts, lunches and dinners on board throughout your voyage, including a complimentary glass of house wine with dinner.
  • All shore landings and Zodiac excursions per the daily program.
  • All helicopter transfers and aerial sightseeing according to each day's program.
  • Leadership throughout the voyage by our experienced Expedition Leader, including shore landings and other activities.
  • Formal and informal presentations by our Expedition Team and guest speakers as scheduled.
  • Expedition log DVD.
  • On Kapitan Khlebnikov, a pair of rubber expedition boots on loan for shore landings.
  • Our partner parka to keep.
  • All miscellaneous service taxes and port charges throughout the program.
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